Oakley Military/Govt/Law Enforcement Site--Eye protection, and more!

For those of you who are interested in quality eye protection and other tactical products, Oakley has a website set up for Gov/Police/Fire/EMS that includes almost their full catalog of sunglasses, bags, boots and gloves at 50% off.  


You do have to set up an account and provide a copy of your HHS ID, but service and turn around time is pretty good, can't beat the price either.

Boots are good for your feet.

So your thinking of buying boots for deployment. Let's talk about some things to consider and some things to avoid.

iPhone Extended Use Battery Packs

For iPhone users, a great extended battery pack is available from Mophie. Mophie is a pretty cool company, they make a number of different external battery packs for electronics.

While on deployment, you never know how long you will go without reliable power to charge your personal cell phone. Remember, your cell phone eats through battery power as it searches for signals...which rarely exists in disaster areas or immediately following an incident.

Choosing a Sleeping Bag/System for Deployment

How to Choose a Sleeping Bag/System for Deployment

We can potentially be deployed to environments from the tropical heat of Haiti, to the frigid winter conditions in Northern New England.  So this is a case of gear where one size does not fit all.

To pack appropriately consider the conditions you are being deployed to.

Radio/Storage Chest Rigs

Chest "rigs" or harnesses have been used by the military for a long time. Though they look a little different then the rigs below, review any picture of any operators in the middle east wars. The chest rigs they use carry vital pieces of equipment they need in a hurry- mainly extra magazines and ammo. The theory is keep what you need very quickly in front of you at your finger tips, vs. on your back in a small pack. It also leaves your back free and clear to carry heavy items in larger packs, and opens up a wide array of hydration pack options as well.

Gloves, Gloves, Gloves.

Protecting your hands enroute to your deployment and throughout your trip is critical. One wrong move and you can be almost useless for your patients and the rest of your team. Solid protection is key. Whether you are unloading boxes from trucks, setting up the Western Shelters or moving team luggage- it is critical to have a solid set of work gloves. Don't forget, work gloves are a required item.

DMAT Gear Junkie, Blog #1

Hello DMAT-ers.

The idea behind this blog is to provide you with a central place where gear reviews related to deployment can be located. I suppose it goes without saying, that any views or endorsements of products are done on a personal basis, and have no connection to the US DHHS or the federal government.

I hope you will find this place useful as you gear up! If you have content you would like to contribute, please let me know.- DMAT Gear Junkie

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