Gloves, Gloves, Gloves.

Protecting your hands enroute to your deployment and throughout your trip is critical. One wrong move and you can be almost useless for your patients and the rest of your team. Solid protection is key. Whether you are unloading boxes from trucks, setting up the Western Shelters or moving team luggage- it is critical to have a solid set of work gloves. Don't forget, work gloves are a required item.

I have had great success and recommend the Petzl Cordex PLUS gloves. They are made of goat skin which is not stiff like leather (but just as durable), and have just the right amount of padding to protect your digits while allowing you to still pick up small items and be very well protected. They fit tight, almost like a batting glove. They have a rock-solid 1" wide velcro/neoprene strap around your wrist, with a reinforced hole on each wrist allowing you to hang them off a carabiner. What are a waste of money are the $3.00 "hardware store special" which never fit exactly right. They are bulky, usually have extremely stiff digits and are more suited for working in the garden vs Haiti.


-DMAT Gear Junkie