iPhone Extended Use Battery Packs

For iPhone users, a great extended battery pack is available from Mophie. Mophie is a pretty cool company, they make a number of different external battery packs for electronics.

While on deployment, you never know how long you will go without reliable power to charge your personal cell phone. Remember, your cell phone eats through battery power as it searches for signals...which rarely exists in disaster areas or immediately following an incident.

The Mophie Juice Pack Plus for the iPhone 4/4s is a great product. It is a protective case and external battery in one single unit. By the way of a micro USB, you can charge both the iPhone battery and external battery at once. The Juice Pack Plus claims it can provide you with an additional 8 hours of battery life.

The way the Juice Pack is used is pretty simple- if your regular iPhone battery is going dead and your Juice Pack is charged up, you simply flick the switch on the bottom of the case which "turns on" the external battery. The phone will continue to run off a combination of both the on-board battery and the Juice Pack greatly extending your use. When you need to re-charge, you can select weather or not you want to charge just the iPhone battery or both batteries at once.

Mophie makes Juice Packs for a number of other devices in the Apple family, as well as universal external battery packs that can extend the life of many different electronics.


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